Al-Falah Car Wash is one of Kuwait’s oldest and most well know car washes. Established in 1954, it has been renovated and revamped in recent years to provide a wider range of services for customers at its unique and central Kuwait City location.

Apart from the main car wash Al-Falah is also the home to ShowShine Detailing Center, where all of your detailing needs can be met. ShowShine specializes in “automotive reconditioning” to increase the life, longevity and cleanliness of your automotive investment. Return that showroom shine to your automobile today with ShowShine.

The car wash also houses its own car parts and accessories shop. We stock premium motor oils and filters, as well as other necessary auto fluids. We also stock car cleaning accessories, hundreds of different auto air fresheners, car mats and many other in demand auto accessories.

All of our wash bays are equipped with roll on roll off lift platforms:

  • We are able to perform an under carriage wash for all cars especially low sports cars.
  • Lift directly from the wheels no risk of hydraulic or air suspension damage.
  • The only contact made with the lift jack is from the tires. It’s as if the car is still on the ground.